Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage can range anywhere from half an hour to 90 minutes. Deep tissue massage is a type of massage technique which uses deep pressure. Combining slow strokes and notable finger pressure, the purpose is to release the tension and tightness held deeply in your muscles and your connective tissues. Our massage therapist use tools such as gua sha, cupping, and vacuuming to help breakup the tissue and relieve pain. The increased pressure helps to alleviate any soreness caused by injury or tenseness. If you have anxiety or are suffering with stress, a deep tissue massage will help to release the tension you are carrying within your body as a result.

Deep tissue massage therapy at Genesis Spa MD

20 Minutes          $65

50 Minutes          $129

80 Minutes          $195

110 Minutes        $258

Share the experience of a massage with a loved one or friend for 60 or 90 minutes, you will experience together a journey in the art of relaxation, soothing the stress resting in the muscles and easing any tension you may have within.