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At Genesis Spa MD, we offer a variety of IV THERAPY
Our Providers are given specialized training and are ensured to address your IV THERAPY NEEDS. From a nice hydration therapy to a Myer’s Cocktail and much more. 
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Hangover Recovery IV THERAPY

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Come to Genesis Spa MD and stay hydrated with an IV session of our wellness. Our signature hangover IV treatment is an effective method to quickly combat hangover symptoms and rehydrate your body. This “strong electrolyte fluid” helps restore a healthy balance in your body and flush out toxins, restore nutrients lost during a night of heavy drinking, and cleanse your system. Our formula also helps speed up the metabolism of alcohol by the liver.   

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Mixture of water and sodium chloride will help hydrate your body to regular levels and flush out toxins. Sodium Chloride, more commonly known as salt, is an essential compound used by the body to absorb and transport nutrients, stabilize blood pressure, and moderate the amount of fluid in the body.


Boosts the immune system, collagen production and elasticity in the skin protects cardiovascular health and boosts prenatal and eye health. Vitamin C is found naturally in foods, and it’s used to repair tissue and production of certain neurotransmitters. High-dose Vitamin C not only aids in detoxification but helps protect against pathogens through its stimulation of hydrogen peroxide production. Vitamin C is one of the most effective and safest nutrients your body needs. Vitamin C includes protection against the immune system, cardiovascular disease, eye disease, skin wrinkling, and other minor health issues. It also helps our B cells and T cells, which are white blood cells in charge of secreting antibodies, eradicating infected cells, regulating inflammation, and activating other white blood cells.

VITAMIN B Complex, B12, B6

Helps keep the body’s nerves and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Provides a mental boost and aids in digestion. B-complex vitamins are all the B-Vitamins in one package which includes B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and the most known, B12. All these vitamins may come from the same B-complex tree, but they all have unique properties that your body needs to function. Each B vitamin has a unique role in the immune system. They’re responsible for the production of antibodies and white blood cells. They also make white blood cell activity more productive. Most people can’t achieve healthy levels of Vitamin B through their diet alone, so additional help is often necessary.

Various choices to customize your IV drip treatment: Zofran, Pepcid, Vitamin C, B-complex, Banana bag, Anti-Nausea, Pain Relief, NAD+, or other Anti-Heartburn Medication

NAD+ (optional)


NAD+ IV therapy is an IV drip that helps produce energy in the body. NAD+ treatment provides protection against diseases and inflammation throughout the body. It can also help cognitive function.



Blocks the actions of chemicals in the body which trigger nausea and vomiting. Zofran works with other nutrients like Vitamin C and NAD+ to provide peace of mind and prevents you from feeling drowsy and exhausted.



Helps relieve you of symptoms such as cough, stomach pain, and heartburn among others.

Banana Bag (optional)


IV Fluids containing vitamins and minerals like thiamine, folic acid, and magnesium sulfate that can replenish your body with missing essential nutrients.

IV Therapy Hangover


Hangover Remedies IV Therapy

The Hangover IV Therapy package is carefully created by our doctors to create the best nutrient combination therapy that your body needs. In addition to our Hangover IV Therapy, we offer other packages including Beauty, Weight Loss, Immune Boost, Sports Recovery, Hydration Hangover, Altitude Sickness, Migraine, NAD+, and Libido.

Alleviate the symptoms of a hangover

  • Relieve yourself of miserable headaches, nausea, and vomiting
  • Re-energize and rehydrate your body
  • Improve your appearance by looking much healthier and energized
  • Improve mental clarity and athletic performance
  • Re-hydration

  • Anti-aging effects

  • Anti-nausea *ADD-ON

  • Anti-inflammatory *ADD-ON

Genesis Spa MD Hangover IV Therapy can beat any supposed “hangover cure” out there. Not only do our IV treatments rehydrate your body to normal levels, but they also include essential nutrients and natural ingredients that help you feel better and detox your liver.

You can even customize your IV drip with an anti-nausea or anti-inflammatory medication depending on how bad that hangover really is.

 With our Hangover IV Therapy, you’ll feel better in no time. Schedule a treatment today! 720-515-8002

Hangover Remedies IV Therapy

Our team, at Genesis Spa MD, are medical professionals who have the utmost training and proven experience in IV therapy will answer all your questions and suggest the best treatments, especially what’s included in the Hydration IV therapy. 

With the advancement of medicine and technology, IV therapy has expanded in possibility. There are now different types of IV treatments for different symptoms. IV therapies are effective against a wide range of issues, which include Jet Lag cure, IV hydration therapy for rehydration, immune boost, weight loss, Libido, and IV beauty therapy.

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We will go over any questions you have when booking. To get more information and start the recovery process please contact us on the form below or you can contact us directly

IV Therapy Myers Cocktail

Myers Cocktail

Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy is an IV that contains nutrients and vitamins that are vital for the body to function, without these essential nutrients the body starts to break down in certain areas which can cause fatigue, low immunity levels, migraines, and more. The Myers cocktail IV therapy at Genesis Spa MD can provide relief and balance back into your life.

Hangover IV Therapy

Hydration IV Therapy

Come to Genesis Spa MD and stay hydrated with an IV Therapy session of our wellness saline fluid. This “strong electrolyte fluid” helps restore a healthy balance in your body. IV hydration bypasses the digestive system, and it enters the bloodstream with essential nutrients and boosts energy levels in an effective way.

Warrior immune boost IV therapy at Genesis Spa MD

Warriors Immune Boost

Are you feeling under the weather? Come to our Med Spa and stay healthy with a Warrior Immune Boost IV Therapy drip. The Warrior Immune Boost IV Therapy, at Genesis Med Spa, is one of our most sought-after wellness treatments. This special IV infusion of vitamins and nutrients provides a major pick-me-up for your immune system. The Warrior Immune Boost is perfect for people who are sick or feel like they might be sick.



1 Health and Wellness IV Drip

Includes ONE Injection Per Month (exceptions: one injection list price up to $39 are included. Ex., NAD+ is excluded since it’s more than $39, however, you can purchase that at 50% off for only one for each month, with a membership percentage discount rate thereafter with Deluxe IV Membership 25%) 

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1 Menu IV Per Month up to $189 

Includes ONE Injection Per Month (exceptions: one injection list price up to $39 are include. Ex., NAD+ is excluded since it’s more than $39, however, you can purchase that at 50% off for only one for each month, with a membership percentage discount rate thereafter with Premium IV Membership 30%)

30% Off IV Listed Services

  Discounts cannot be combined Ask for details





Hydration IV Therapy


Immune Boost

Jet Lag

Health & Wellness


* Prices are based on the time of services discount. Prices cannot be discounted if payment is received other than the day services are performed.  




Hangover/ Recovery

Migraine IV Therapy

Altitude Sickness

Sports Recovery/Athlete


Worrier Immune Boost





Weight Loss


Mega Vega (Beauty IV)


Anti Aging





Myer’s Cocktail


Libido Boost



Fractional Laser, Photofacial, RF Microneedling

At Genesis Spa MD we provide Fractional skin resurfacing which is an excellent choice for Fine Lines, Wrinkle Resurfacing, Hyper-Pigmentation, Stretch Marks

Intense pulsed light (IPL) Photofacial is a laser light treatment that targets pigment issues, such as dark or brown spots, age spots, and red spots, to name a few.

RF Microneedling is great for uneven skin texture, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, acne scars, and stretch marks. Treatment areas include the face, neck, and decolletage, the abdomen, knees, thighs, and almost any other body area. 



At Genesis Spa MD we use the state of the art technology from our devices to the newest and most advanced aesthetics injectables.  We provide Botox, Kybella, Juvederm, and much more. To get resolve unwanted fat, remove wrinkles and smooth out your skin to refresh, renew and rejuvenate your appearance. We carry the best fillers to create and youthful appearance and full voluptuous lips.                               

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At Genesis Spa MD we customize your facial, but we always include a deep-cleansing treatment tailored entirely to you. These facial repairs your skin while providing essential nourishment and protection. You can also expect deep pore cleansing with steam, exfoliation, and gentle extractions. Some of the other tools we may use are High Frequency, Ultrasonic Scrubber, and Galvanic.






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